Panel 2 Education as a tool for women’s socio-economic advancement in Tourism

Why is it important to support women’s access to equal education in the tourism sector? How can we stimulate and create more economic opportunities for women through education initiatives? How can education help women take on leadership roles in the tourism sector?

 Despite women representing 60 to 70% of the world’s hotel and restaurant workforce, according to ILO data (2010), they still tend to occupy lower-qualified service and clerical jobs and are underrepresented in managerial and leadership positions. Education is one of the most important means of empowering women with knowledge, skills and self-confidence. It is a fundamental tool for women to seek a better quality of life for themselves and their families while benefiting at the same time their communities. Furthermore, education is an essential instrument to make women and their families less vulnerable to abuse and labour exploitation practices. It takes collective effort of governments, international organizations and the society to create and stimulate equal access to education in order to close the gender gap in the sector.

Panel will focus on:

  • Education as a tool for women empowerment.
  • Best practices in cooperation development projects focusing on empowering women through capacity-building and skills transfer
  • Success case studies of training programmes for women by tourism companies and industry associations.
  • Bridging the digital gender divide in tourism by providing women with the necessary digital literacy skills.