Panel 3 Entrepreneurship in tourism, an effective means for women to lead in the tourism sector

Why is women entrepreneurship an excellent vector for women empowerment in tourism? What are some of the best practices in public private partnerships prompting women entrepreneurship? What can we learn from women entrepreneurs´ success stories?

Tourism offers women significant opportunities for running their own businesses. Women’s entrepreneurship is particularly crucial in emerging and remote tourism destinations. Women are also more inclined in engaging in social entrepreneurship which has large community benefits.  However, according to the European Commission, the female creativity and entrepreneurial potential remain an under-exploited source of economic growth and jobs that should be further developed. Notwithstanding, success stories of aspiring business women unleashing their potential can be found from the vast savannahs in Kenya to the spiny forests of Choco in Paraguay. Inspiring role models and a supportive environment for investment can be decisive for girls and women to venture in creating their own businesses.

Panel will focus on:


  • The importance of women entrepreneurship development as an instrument of women empowerment.
  • Female tourism entrepreneurship success stories.
  • Public-private partnerships for effective gender equality outcomes and female entrepreneurship support.